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George Varga wrote about the upcoming Point Film Festival

Hi to all,

George Varga, of the Union Tribune, wrote a nice article about the upcoming

Point Music Film Festival on November 8th in San Diego. Click on this link to read

the article. Thanks George Varga for the nice article and supporting independent film makers.

If you havent seen Steve White Painting the World with Music, now's the time. And

it is going to be a great day of live music on the rooftop and a chance to see other great music film documentaries. So mark your calendars and hope to see you all there. We'd love to pack the seats on all the screens.

I'm in the process of transcribing and getting my closed captioning done for the documentary Steve White Painting the World with Music. And there is a long list of to-do's that are slowly getting checked off. Being a film entrepreneur is so very different than just creating a movie. And it presents it's own challenges. Nothing that I can't handle but it's certainly a learning curve.

Hope you are all enjoying the fall weather and all the best. Here's a photo of Steve playing at Brauerei in Maisach Germany. When you go to the website you can turn off Steve playing music in the background at the right top of the screen.

steve hendrix clapton.jpg

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