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2015 Steve White Music & Art Festival Update

Greetings to all!

How about that rain last week? We sure needed it. And during that storm with the help of

our dear friend, musician and our music organizer, Rachelle Danto, we received so many responses to our call for musicians that she filled the entire lineup in just a few days.

We are really grateful and excited to introduce our lineup as it stands at this writing.

We also want to thank Mike Schmitt a music promoter who hooked us up with some interesting and really great bands.

Thank you to all the bands for participating. We can't wait to hear all your music. And thank you to Danny Salzhandler and "101 Artists Colony" for sponsoring us and all his help. And we are pleased to announce we have a new sponsor Le Papagayo Restaurant of Leucadia. Thanks Francois for all your support.


Tinkersmith Wes and Judi Ric Kastner Jeffrey Joe Poetry with Kevin West Jimmy Patton Colin Sharpe Barefoot Mcoy

Danny Menendez Darius, Cleopatra & Cordelia Degher Steve Rule Poetry with Jim Babwe John January Jefferson Washington

Here's a treat. a music video by Barefoot McCoy who will be playing at the festival.

We also received some press from Liz Abbott of San Diego Troubadour Magazine with a really nice article by Paul Hormick about Steve White and our festival. Please keep in mind that the festival is on March 15th.

Here's another treat which is a music video from "Trouble in the Wind" who will be playing at the Encinitas Library after the "Friends of Steve" band. It's gonna be a great festival. Mark your calendars and hope to see you all there!!!

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