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Two Days Away Before the Steve White Music & Art Festival

We are very excited thats it's just two days before the second Steve White Music & Art Festival.

With the help of a dedicated team, everything is coming together nicely.

It's gonna be a bit warm so make sure you hydrate during the day.

Steve's family and dear friends have arrived from back East and are enjoying our splendid weather. Linda Mcintosh of the Union Tribune wrote a nice article announcing the festival in their online edition.

Click on the picture for the article.

Here is the lineup at the Seaside Bazaar portion of our festival which starts at 10:30.

10:30 - Semisi & Fula Bula

10:45 Poetry with Jim Babwe

11:00 Tinkersmith 11:15 Wes and Judi 11:30 Ric Kastner 11:45 Jeffrey Joe 12:00 Poetry with Kevin West 12:15 Paul & Laura 12:30 Colin Sharpe 12:45 Barefoot McCoy 1:00 Darius, Cleopatra & Cordelia Degher 1:30 Steve Rule 1:45 Poetry with Jim Babwe 2:00 John January 2:45 Jefferson Washington

3:30 Danny Menendez

"Friends of Steve", Luisa, Yael, Rachelle, Laura S, Vlady, Steve M, Steve T & Paul H, will be performing at Encinitas Library at 5:30,

Followed by "Trouble in the Wind" Click the link to check out their website

And this just in, Caroline Sanchez will be performing her artistic dance and expression of art with her hula hoop at the Encinitas Library just before the start of "Steve White Painting the World with Music" documentary by Clint Burkett. Click the picture to go to website.

It's gonna be a really great festival and hope you all can make it.


The Team

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