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Steve White is Painting the World with music soon. A New Years message!

Happy 2016 to you all. We are finally starting to roll on getting the documentary

"Steve White Painting the World with Music" out to the world. We have ironed out all the

legal kinks and clearances and are now preparing to get it available on Amazon VOD (Video on Demand) and through Create Space. In addition the documentary is available on Blu Ray and Regular

DVD on the first page of this website on the Buy Now button which is linked to PayPal.

In honor of the ending of the holidays please enjoy Steve White singing his tune, "After the Holidays".

In 2007 in Budapest, Hungary. It was shot and edited by Lazslo Megyeri. Steve played for an enthralled crowd who got to enjoy him for almost 3 hours non-stop. The song was recorded and is part of the "Live in Budapest" cd. Go to for your copy of the cd or to download the individual song. The lucky audience wouldn't let Steve go and I think he enjoyed it just as much as they did. You might agree that he was definitely "in the zone".

I went to a recent film distribution seminar at a San Diego Filmmakers meeting where the speaker said that making a film is the enjoyable part and then he put his thumb and index finger two inches apart showing its minute proportion. Then he spread his arms wide and said that's the business part. You will probably be seeing the business part alot in the next few months as we promote this film to get it buzzing.

I apologize for not having it out sooner but life happens and we do the best we can when taking care of loved ones, and losing other loved ones and running a business to boot. Warmest regards,



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