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San Diego Film Awards Sunday & Distribution to Amazon & I-Tunes via Distribber

Louis Wood drew this picture never knowing Steve White. He is a friend of my son Joseph's and sent this to him. I'm really grateful and touched by this and it speaks of the passion for art that Steve had and always instilled in others. Not knowing Steve White but yet drawing this warms my heart that word is getting out and manifesting in beautiful ways like this drawing. Thank you Louis. I think you will touch a lot of people with this art. Here's Louis website.

This is a drawing by Louis Wood of the UK.

Don't forget that Sunday is the San Diego Film Awards and "Steve White Painting the World with Music

is up for best feature documentary film. Hope to see you there.

Very soon I hope to announce that "Steve White Painting the World with Music" will be available for

video on demand viewing on Itunes and Amazon. Its all because of Distribber and I'm grateful to Jason Brubaker and Anna Keren for helping to make this happen. Jason is really helpful to independent filmmakers and I recommend his blog Filmmaking Stuff as well. He will help give you all the lowdown on how you should take steps in researching your audience before you even shoot a frame, to promotion and distribution. And he has some in-depth comprehensive film programs for sale that are real-world and can get you great results. Will keep you posted once the documentary is available on these venues. It's really exciting this is happening. Thanks for reading.

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