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Steve White Documentary Streaming into Colleges and Universities soon

I'm really pleased to tell you all that one of the largest educational streaming services

has signed a contract with us to potentially stream "Steve White Painting the World with Music"

into 2000 educational institutions and to over 12 million students.

I know that Steve would be really proud of this. Knowing that his wonderful legacy will be

shared with students and educators all over the world is a huge goal reached for us.

Steve took music to the next level and wanted others to take music to the next level too.

And now there is a huge avenue open for that. At the same time Amazon and ITunes will

be streaming the documentary film all over the world too.

Alda and I are diligently creating a Wikipedia Page for Steve. Anyone with Wiki experience

is welcome to contact us as we are learning. It's almost ready and we are really excited about

sharing it soon. It's really powerful as we have sources that interviewed Steve from music

magazines in Europe as well as from friends and family.

On April 3rd, at the Music Box in San Diego, they announced "Steve White Painting the World with Music" as Best Feature Documentary Film at the San Diego Film Awards. It was an emotional moment

for everyone with me that night and with us in heart that weren't there. It was also my birthday

and I got the best birthday gift ever when they honored our documentary with this award.

Here is Alda and I afterwards still beaming. Two days before, she was in Lisbon, Portugal. A stunning

and welcome back surprise for her after 5 weeks in Portugal.

I share this award with not only Alda, who made sure we got the story right and contributed all her photos and Steve's legacy of paintings, music, art and his journals but with my fellow producer Tom Zizzi who was no doubt beaming himself when he heard the news. And quite deservedly so as he helped me propel this

project to another level. I'm grateful for his friendship and all the collaboration, dedication, artistry and hard work that he gave tirelessly for almost two years. Here is Tom with Alda after our radio interview with Tim Pyles. Tom is also a very talented photographer and producer. Tom Zizzi Media & TZ Pictures. He also has a website that draws attention to our growing homeless situation which gives face to the homeless in compelling videos. Homeless Voices San Diego.

And I'm grateful also to my friend Erik Swanson who started this project shooting Steve at the Adams Avenue Roots Festival in 2009. He supported me along the way whenever I needed to shoot interviews or bounce off ideas.

He and his wonderful wife Denise hosted a test screening as we needed fresh ideas on how to cut down the

directors cut. It was really helpful in the objective process of making the documentary. I dont have a picture of them but Jeanne and Devin Scott also held a screening at their American Dream Theater. And for that I'm really grateful and for everyone that attended in both screenings.

And thank you to James Zemel who introduced me to Steve White in the first place and for all his support

along the way. James is on the far left next to Colin Sharpe an amazingly talented musician.

And the lovely Rachelle on the left and her sister Marla. Rachelle is a dear friend and musician who teaches homeless teens to play music and she also plays in nursing homes like Steve White did. Inspiring to say the least. She is being honored with a David Mirisch Foundation award for 15 years of service. Congratulations to you Rachelle.

And to James Brown, thanks for your support and you even interviewed me to help promote the documentary which I plan to use on my tumblr page as well. James is a really talented producer of national and international videos and is highly sought after for doing business and tourism oriented projects.James Brown Media

Last but not least here is a link to the award announcement and speech. It was televised on Cox Channel 4 last week.

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