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Screening coming up in November in San Diego and here's another treat for you.

As the last BLOG mentioned, I have been invited to screen my film at the

Point Music Film Festival coming up in early November.

Steve White Painting the World with Music will screen along with 10 other documentaries. And there will be live music at the festival as well.

Published author Vincent Brook wrote in his UCLA Film Blog, "Steve White, a pre-release currently making the festival rounds, is an ode to a recently deceased Southern California singer-songwriter-painter who, while a late-blooming one-man-band sensation in Europe and Asia, remained a relative cipher in the U.S. until his trailer-court neighbor, filmmaker Burkett, bumped into him at a party. In lifting the veil on White’s musical genius, Burkett also uncovered a gifted artist and quicksilver character whose kaleidoscopic back story had taken him from a childhood in Southeast Asia to a “white boy’s” variant on the blues that was as much Mekong as Mississippi delta.

And as part of our ongoing series of clips from this inspirational documentary, here's another clip. Thanks for watching and please share with your social network and friends.

Thank you. And remember to hydrate and stay cool during this heat-wave.

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